Erwin Sattler Introduction

Erwin Sattler timepieces range from those with a classical appearance to those with modern restraint, while always having an elegant look. The timepieces therefore tastefully blend in with any interior style. In this catalogue, we invite you to leaf through and explore the wonderful world of Erwin Sattler timepieces. With the gentle sound of their ticking and rhythmnic swing of their pendulums, our clocks have a special ability to infuse any room with an unparalleled feeling of well being. There timepieces are sure to become highly valued companions as well as long-lasting heirlooms that can be passed down with pride from generation to generation.  
In our manufacture in Geafelfing near Munich, Germany, we wholeheartedly focus on preserving and continuing the very best of 400 years of clock-making tradition. together with our highly qualified staff, we develop and create magnificent clocks which combine a timeless design with top quality and the very latest technology-and we have been doing this for over 50 years.  
Our company founder, Erwin Sattler, laid the foundation stone for our success with his wife Viola in 1958. We are indebted to them for their unwavering faith, which has enabled us to grow and develop in to the clock manufacturer we are today. The company is still family owned and built on the reputation of the "Made in Germany" seal of quality. We take great pride in this.  
Erwin Sattler是一個歷史悠久的時鐘製造商,總部設立在德國慕尼黑,專門生產精密擺鐘、座鐘、精密手錶上鍊機和其他精品鐘錶款式。  
在1903年3月4日,鐘錶匠海因里希·薩特勒(Heinrich Sattler)申請了含有一個萬年曆的桌鐘專利。他的座右銘是:「那些買不到的東西,只能自己親手做」。在1958年,大約薩特勒發明的60年後,歐文·薩特勒(Erwin Sattler)創辦了自家的時鐘製造品牌,就如前輩一樣,特別重視時鐘的工藝、時間精準度、以及永恆的設計美學。  

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