Comitti of London Introduction

In 1845 an Italian precision instrument maker, Onorato Comitti, travelled to England seeking a new future in the land that was enjoying the unprecedented prosperity generated by the Industrial Revolution and in 1850 he open his workshops alongside other specialist makers in Clerkenwell, London.  
Dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and innovation, he quickly achieved an unsurpassed reputation for his recording instruments including the finest quality mercury and aneroid barometers. It was during the late Victorian period that the company gained renown as one of the finest clockmakers in England receiving the Diploma of Honour for the company’s workmanship in 1888.  
More than 150 years later, Comitti is still a family-owned business, run by the fifth generation, which remains true to the founding principles of Onorato Comitti and continues to maintain the company’s international reputation for luxury timepieces in the finest traditions of English clock making.  
Original Comitti barometers and clocks from those early days are now sought-after and valuable antiques. Tellingly, some of the Comitti styles created in the late 1800s continue to be made today, using many of the same techniques and attracting the same wonder that they always did. Such a heritage allows the Company to offer a bespoke maintenance and restoration service for all antique clocks and barometers.  
義大利精密儀器製造商Onorato Comitti在1845年移民到正值工業革命的英國,當時的倫敦Clerenwell區聚集了許多精專儀器製作的工匠,而Comitti也在五年後設立了位在Clerenwell的個人工作坊。  
Comitti是一位賦有創新思維的工匠,他對品質的堅持很快地傳片全國,他所製造的記錄儀器,包括汞和無液氣壓計,都是在同期業界最精密、最優質的作品。在維多利亞時代後期的1888年,Comitti卓越的手工藝曾獲得英國「Diploma of Honour」榮耀。  
超過150年後的今天,Comitti仍然是一個家族企業,由第五代掌手經營。Comitti公司仍忠於Onorato Comitti的創始原則,持續打造優良精品鐘錶,堅持推出最高榮譽、最精密的英國時鐘。